Introducing the Berkeley Telecom Catalog


Welcome to the Berkeley Telecom Catalog, an updated and easier-to-use version of the IST Shopping Cart.

All Voice Products and Services will now be procured via the Telecom Catalog, while Data Network Products and Services will continue to be procured via the existing IST Shopping Cart.  Voice Projects-requests for action on 30 or more lines-will be available on June 2, 2014.   

This application is for faculty and staff only.  For student Telecom Services contact Residence Telephone Services.

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Contact Us

The Telecom Catalog has a Knowledge Base with articles to help you with questions that may arise.  If you can't find your answers in the Knowledge Base, contact the Telecom Customer Care Unit: email, or call (510) 664-9000 (options 1, 3, 1). 


Services Offered by Application

Go to the Telecom Catalog

Go to the IST Shopping Cart

Add Cellular Devices & Services

  • Cellular Phones
  • Pager Service
  • Other Mobile Devices

Add Voice Services

  • Desktop Telephone & Line
  • Desktop Line Only
  • ReadyTalk Conference Services
  • Other Voice Services: Fax, 1MB, T1, ISDN, Two-way Radio, Voicemail, Authorization Codes, and Products for Persons with Special Needs
  • Voice Project Request, 30+ lines (available June 2)

Manage Existing Services

  • Change, Move or Disconnect Phone Products and Services, including new phone sets or new voicemail
  • Change Funding on any IST Service
  • Change Name on any IST Service
  • View all Departmental Services procured from IST
  • Assign Departmental Permissions for the Telecom Catalog


  • Request a repair for a Voice Product or Service

Add IST Services

  • UC Backup

Add WiFi

  • AirBears

Add Data Services

  • Data Premise Wiring
  • Ethernet Copper Service
  • Non-Standard Data Network
  • Fire Wall

Manage Existing Services

  • Change, Move or Disconnect UC Backup or Data Network Product or Service
  • Change Funding for Data Network Recharge
  • View all Data Network Servcie owned by a Department
  • Assign Departmental Permissions for the IST Shopping Cart


  • Request a repair for a Data Network Product or Service or UC Backup